Olu Shola

The story so far....

Olu "Shola" Rowe is without a doubt one of the best male vocalist on the live music scene.


A fantasticlly gifted performer who's voice is reminiscent of the legendary singers of the modern era.


A successful muscian in his own right Olu is an accomplished singer, songwriter and producer who was previously signed to Richard Branson's Virgin Record Label, Cardiac Records in New York and BMG Music Plublishing. (Google: Olu Rowe for back catalogue recordings)


A true professional, Olu is as comfortable singing to thousands as he is an intimate acoustic show.  He is certainly a very sought after vocalist, performer and session/recording artist.


His career has taken him to many places in the UK, Europe, and the World, he has performed to intimate parties of 50 and outdoor festivals for thousands.

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